Is it true my hair won’t grow if I don’t get it trimmed?


True and Not True. There is a misconceived notion that if we want our hair to grow then we should just skip our haircuts.  Although in theory this may sound correct, the truth is YES it will continue to grow, the better question is will it grow healthy?? Our hair on average grows about a half inch per month ( give or take) however the longer we go without getting our ends trimmed the drier and sadder our hair will be. Our ends are the “oldest part ” of our hair. Therefore they have been thru the most amount of wear and tear. They need the most amount of loving. Having your ends trimmed no longer than 8-10 weeks in between insures that your hair top to bottom will always be its healthiest. In doing so you will no longer experience ” I didn’t get my haircut in 8 months and when I went in for a trim but they got off 4 inches” . Not having a haircut for a long period a time is no longer just a trim. Be good to yourself and be better to your ends. Get a trim, your hair will thank you for it.

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