Is it true my hair won’t grow if I don’t get it trimmed?

True and Not True. There is a misconceived notion that if we want our hair to grow then we should just skip our haircuts.  Although in theory this may sound correct, the truth is YES it will continue to grow, the better question is will it grow healthy?? Our hair on average grows about a half inch per month ( give or take) however the longer we go without getting our ends trimmed the drier and sadder our hair will be.

It’s Summer Time And We Have To Nourish And Protect Our Hair!

The hair community is all a buzz about a hair treatment Olaplex.

It can be used to minimize damage to your hair, or if your hair is damaged it can be used to restore it.

Olaplex repairs the hair from within making it stronger and healthier than before.  Another benefit is that it actually helps your color to last longer.